Sad face: Google discontinues the Nik Collection

Michael Zhang at Petapixel:

Google received praise from photographers last year when it made its $150 Nik Collection of popular photo editing software 100% free. But alas, all good things come to an end: Google has quietly announced that it will be abandoning the Nik Collection from here on out.

The announcement was made through a simple banner message found on the Nik Collection homepage.

This is a pretty sad day. I remember when Nik showed up on the scene. I was at a sales conference and they gave a 20 minutes presentation that at the 2 minute mark had the jaws of basically anyone who knew anything about photo editing on the floor. Later in the conference there was a trade show that lasted about half a day and it was sending room only at their booth from the moment it started until they kicked everyone out. This software was, at the time, fucking magic.

Most of its features have been rolled into, or copied by, other products now so it’s not really that surprising to see that they won’t be updating it anymore, but for those of you who are used to how easy it is to edit photos in apps like Instagram: understand that it wasn’t always like that, and that these tools are the ones that led the charge toward making things intuitive and easy.

The good news is that while they have now plans for future updates, you can still download the Nik Collection right now and keep using it. You should do so, in case they take them down for good.

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