Awesome Friday: 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival

I went to the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival and reviewed five films for Awesome Friday!

The Anarchists:

Did you ever see that movie where a cop goes undercover with a group of criminals and then over time becomes friends with the criminals, falls in love with the lady criminal, feels truly accepted for the first time in his life, and then struggles with whether to turn them in or not? Yes? Well have you seen that movie taking place in 19th century France? No, well then have I got a movie for you!


The Lobster

The Lobster takes place in a world where if you are single for too long you are turned into an animal, and if you really want to be single you have to go live in the woods. It sounds weird, and it is, but it’s also hilarious commentary on our world and relationships and how we sometimes get what’s important wrong. Yes, it’s a bizarre movie, but the best kind of science fiction often is.


The Assassin

The Assassin is a beautiful film in which nothing at all happens.


Beeba Boys

The main characters of the movie, the self-proclaimed Beeba Boys –“Good Boys” is the direct translation– are a flashy, violent, Indo-Canadian gang operating in Vancouver who are on high on life and themselves and about to take on the existing kingpin of Indo-Canadian crime in a gang war. As with those other movies things start out going well for the Beebas and when things are going well they’re going great, but when things start to go poorly they start to go horribly.



Brooklyn is a charming movie about charming people and set in a charming version of 1950s post-war America where people could still move there with nothing and end up with everything. It’s a bit nostalgic, a bit funny, and a lot sweet. And charming, did I mention charming?


You can see all of these, plus a few more VIFF related posts on Awesome Friday!

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