Welcome Back, Simpson

I used to build websites as a hobby. I even made a few back in the day for money, but mostly it was a hobby. After the rise of social media I stopped having a website just for me. For a long time it not longer seemed necessary, in this age of Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Letterboxd and SnapChat and Tumblr and every other platform it seems almost more important to build your profile up in all those places. The down side is that everything is everywhere, and thus kind of nowhere, and so as a result I’ve rebuilt Stretched.ca for the first time in years.

Here you’ll find links to writing I’ve done elsewhere (<AwesomeFriday.ca>, especially, remains my outlet for movie/tv/pop culture writing) and hopefully more writing on some other diverse topics that I have opinions about. Maybe even some fiction, who knows!

Most importantly, it’ll all be here in one easy place to find, and that’s become important to me again. It’s easy, and seems important to build up your profile in other places online, but this little piece of the web is for me, and by me (and shared with you).

So here it is, the new Stretched.ca. I hope you like it. But if you don’t, that’s fine too.

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