Awesome Friday: 90th Academy Awards Coverage

I kinda love the Oscars. It’s popular to write it off as a bunch of rich people given each other gold statues but it’s also a celebration of film and it’s a great night to highlight many of the people who most of us don’t think about when it comes to filmmaking: screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, sound designers, and so on.

This year I made some guesses ahead of the show:

As always I’m publishing my guesses and thoughts now so that they are on the
record ahead of time so that I can be held accountable for my guesses. Usually
I have some pretty strong ideas of what’s going to happen but this year everything
feels a bit up in the air.

Last years show was a bit bonkers what with the Best Picture mix up so the show
is pretty certain to be a little less exciting at least. In any event let’s get
right to my thoughts on the categories.

Read the rest at

Simon & I then live blogged the show for the 6th year in a row.

I went 11 for 20 in my guesses and you can read the whole live blog at

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