Broker Unboxes Found Families | Exclaim!


What makes a family? This is the question on Hirokazu Kore-eda‘s mind lately. As with his 2018 Palme D’or-winning film ShopliftersBroker attempts to answer that question by examining a most unlikely found family: a group of people brought together via human trafficking.

That might sound sensational, but the film concentrates its characters around a so-called “baby box,” a place where mothers can leave infants that they either can’t or won’t care for. Ha Sang-hyeon (Song Kang-ho), a laundromat owner, and his friend Dong-soo (Gang Dong-won), who volunteers at the church where the baby box is, occasionally scoop up dropped-off babies and sell them on the black market for a tidy sum. This time things are complicated by the infant’s mother, Moon So-young (Lee Ji-eun), who returns after a day to reclaim her child and ends up going on a road trip with these men to interview potential parents for her child.

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