Awesome Friday March 3rd Update: The Snyder Cut and WandaVision

Justice League

Howdy friends.  It has been a quieter two weeks around AwesomeFriday HQ, but we have a closer look at the new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and WandaVision aired its antepenultimate and penultimate episodes.  Woo, big words.  

I’d like to once again thank each of you for the support, I appreciate each and every one of you. 

The Snyder Cut:

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the #SnyderCut trailer (with 70+ high-res captures)

WandaVision Coverage:

Recap & Review: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 7: A villain revealed!

Recap & Review: ‘WandaVision’ Episode 8 dives into Wanda’s personal history

Awesome Friday: January 19th Update


Hello friends!  It has been two weeks since I posted here, these updates work better for me as bi-weekly, but if you liked getting one every seven days please let me know. 

January is off to a busy start, with four film reviews, continuing coverage of A Perfect Planet, and starting this past week coverage of the new Marvel series WandaVision.  Disney gave me access to the first three episodes and I am very much digging that so far. 

So far I have mostly been writing about things that I have seen but here’s question for you, dear supporters: What kind of things do you want to see? Rankings? Interviews? Trailer breakdowns? A return of the podcast?  Let me know in the comments or on twitter. 

In closing, I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for their ongoing support.  It truly does mean the world to me. 

Links to recent posts:

Film Reviews:

A Perfect Planet:


Awesome Friday: January 6th Update

Happy new year friends!  Apologies for the late update, but the holiday season got away from me a little bit. 2020 was a mixed bag on most fronts, but it turns out it was a great year for movies, with the lack of big tentpole screenings opening up doors to so many more indie and mid-level films, the results speak for themselves. The biggest piece I’ve written lately is my year-end best-of list.  There are eleven films in my top ten, as well as several honourable mentions, as well as six performers I loved in 2020. 

Additionally, there are a few reviews to catch up on since the last time I updated you, including one of 2020s best films and the start of weekly reviews of the latest BBC Earth documentary series. 

I have a few irons in the fire for 2021 and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.  Thanks once again for your support on this adventure!

Awesome Friday: Dec 15th Update


Greetings friends.  Apologies for not having updated last week.  Real-life, man.  It’s a thing!

Since the last update, your patronage has helped me write eight pieces.  Four reviews from Disney+, Netflix, and AppleTV+ (including a review of WolfWalkers, one of the best movies of the year) plus recaps of the last two episodes of The Mandalorian (the most recent of which was the best of this season so far).

I’m also attending this year’s virtual edition of the Whistler Film Festival, which for me started with one of the best Canadian films I’ve seen this year. 

It’s been a pretty good two weeks, is what I am saying. Thank you again for your ongoing support, I greatly appreciate it,d and I love you all. 



Review: ‘Godmothered’ has its heart in the right place

Review: ‘Mank’ is a love letter to old Hollywood

Review: ‘Wolfwalkers’ beautiful Irish fairy tale is one of the best animated features of 2020

Review: ‘Safety’; The first Disney+ sports movie is a safe bet

Whistler Film Festival:

Heads up Canada: Whistler Film Festival is on!

WFF Review: ‘Souterrain / Underground’ is one of the best Canadian films of the year

The Mandalorian:

Recap & Review: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2, Episode 6: ‘The Tragedy’ is a fun ride to a predictable ending

Recap & Review: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Episode 7: ‘The Believer’ couples good action with good character development

Awesome Friday – Nov 29th Update

Funny Boy

Three items for your reading pleasure this past week, and I hope you enjoy them! An updated classic from Disney+, Canada’s Oscar contender, and the latest episode of The Mandalorian.

Awesome Friday: Nov 15th Update

The Mandalorian

Greetings friends! This week on Awesome Friday I covered four new things for your reading and viewing pleasure. The latest Ron Howard movie, a documentary about the Mercury Seven, the return to screen for Sophia Loren, and the latest episode of The Mandalorian.

I hope you enjoy!

Awesome Friday: Nov 8th Update

The Child

Greetings friends! This was a slower week on Awesome Friday, but your support helped bring three pieces this week.

First, I had the pleasure of speaking with Canadian horror director Amelia Moses about her new film Bloodthirsty, which screened as a part of Blood in the Snow Film Festival. This was the second time I’ve spoken to Amelia, and she was a blast to speak to both times.

Blood in the Snow Inteview: Amelia Moses on her film Bloodthirsty

Second, last years festival darling Saint Frances is headed to a VOD release in Canada this week and I got to take an early look.

Review: ‘Saint Frances’ is an honest look at adulthood

And third, a recap and review of the second episode of the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+. If you missed Baby Yoda last week, I have god news for you this week.

Recap & Review: The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 2: ‘The Passenger’ is all The Child, all the time.

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Awesome Friday: Nov 1st Update

The Mandalorian

Greetings friends! This week on Awesome Friday I covered a few films and series.

This week continued coverage of the Blood in the Snow horror film festival, as well as a review of the Netflix original His House, and a recap and review of the second season premiere of The Mandalorian.

As always, thank you all for your readership, and if you like what you are reading please consider throwing some support my way. Every dollar counts toward helping me do this thing I love doing.


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Blood in the Snow Festival Coverage



Awesome Friday: Oct 26th Update

Treehouse of Horror

This week has been a big one here at Awesome Friday HQ as my biggest project since the blog relaunch was posted this week. I watched all 31 Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episodes and ranked all 93 segments from my least to most favourite. It was no small feat and game together over the course of a few weeks leading up to the broadcast of this years edition, which as it turned out, was pretty good!

This week also saw the start of my coverage of the 2020 Blood in the Snow festival, which features Canadian horror films broadcast this year via SuperChannel.

Also this week, a review of the new Netflix limited series The Queen’s Gambit, as well as a new short film from Disney, and the new Sofia Coppola film On the Rocks from AppleTV+.

I want to take this to say thank you to each one of you. I greatly appreciate the support, and I’m working hard to bring you interesting stuff. As always, if you are not already a supporter, please consider becoming one. Every dollar helps me keep doing this thing I love. Thanks!

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This weeks posts:

Review: ‘On The Rocks’ has Bill Murray and Rashida Jones exploring how the comfort of a relationship can sometimes be the problem (AppleTV+)

All 93 Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Segments, RankedHeads Up Canada: Blood in the Snow Film Festival is coming!

Blood in the Snow Review: ‘Anything for Jackson’ is a story about love taken to the wrong extremes

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Credits Sequence

Review: Anya Taylor-Joy is truly magnetic in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ (Netflix)

Blood in the Snow Review: ‘For the Sake of Vicious’ starts slow but ends big

Review: ‘Once Upon A Snowman’ is a clever and cute new short from Disney+ (Disney+)