All 93 Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Segments, Ranked | Awesome Friday!

Treehouse of Horror

The Simpson’s annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween Special had its 31st edition this year, one year shy of the 32 years that the series has been running. It has produced some of the best episodes of the entire series and, over the years, let the writers and performers explore stories that they couldn’t get away with during the regular season. 

As any child of the 90s, I watched many of these episodes as a child but gave up sometime around the end of the so-called “golden age” of the series. This year I am stuck indoors, though, and 29 of the 31 episodes are on Disney+, so I spent the last few weeks watching (or re-watching) every Treehouse of Horror they have made, including the 31st edition, which aired this past Sunday and ranked all 93 segments, from my least favourite to my most favourite.