Fantasia 2020: ‘The Oak Room’ weaves stories within stories to great effect | Awesome Friday!

The Oak Room

Each scene is beautifully shot as well. Each shot is captured in a wide aspect ratio that lets you admire details from around the rooms where the scenes occur. I know it sounds weird to call tiny, dingy, northern Canadian bars beautiful, but between the neon Molson signs and cheesy wall decorations, the production design team has captured what a little, dingy Canadian bar feels like.

Will this film be for everyone? I don’t quite think so. Plays adapted to the screen like this are an actor’s playground but break the rule of show, don’t tell by design, and while I can’t say anything without spoiling something, it’s possible that how each of these stories resolves may not be satisfying to every viewer. Still, for me, The Oak Room is one of the best films of Fantasia 2020.