Fantasia 2020: ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’ is a sweet, silly, and entertaining documentary | Awesome Friday!

You Cannot Kill David Arquette

Each step in his journey is eye-opening and engaging, from the backyard wrestling show he takes part in (and gets decimated) to the Mexican street wrestling he takes part in to prove he has what it takes to earn his own Lucha libre mask to his final redemption has he joins the independent wrestling circuit via a spectacularly choreographed match against his in-character nemesis, RJ City.

Seriously, watching Arquette fun into traffic –actual, literal, Tijuana traffic– to get his ass kicked is one of the film’s most ridiculous and balletic sequences. 

For all his presentation as a goofball, it’s incredibly easy to end up in Arquette’s corner. His family is sceptical, but ultimately, even if they think he’s insane, they stick by him. He’s clearly a loving husband and father with a lot of drive, and by the end of the film, you’ll want him to succeed as much as he does.