VIFF 2020: ‘John Ware Reclaimed’ looks to change the conversation about the famous black cowboy | Awesome Friday!

John Ware Reclaimed

For Foggo, John Ware has been a lifelong concern. She started a research file in the early days of her career as a writer and, in 2012, wrote a play titled John Ware Reimagined –songs from which are staged throughout this film– about his life and times. She admits that she knows she is no longer objective. She feels genuine love for the man and his family, a natural result of spending a lifetime learning about someone.

I can’t say that there is a ton of new information here that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere, but I must admit that I never knew to look before. Foggo’s personal journey with the subject is compelling, and as the film draws to a close, it becomes apparent that she has only scratched the surface of John Ware’s story and that her journey must continue. While that may be slightly frustrating as a filmgoer, it’s also an apt metaphor for a history we fail to remember.