Interview: Danis Goulet on her film “Night Raiders” | Awesome Friday!

Danis Goulet

Matthew: How was the production process? I understand you had Taika Waititi on board as an executive producer and a number of Canadian talents as well. How did that all come together?

Danis Goulet: It was amazing. The cast is so incredible to work with. We were a Canada-New Zealand co-production, so we had an indigenous New Zealand presence on set as well, which was incredible. Plus, this mentorship program via the Indigenous Screen Office. Being on set was incredible; although we were telling such a hard story –and there were many difficult moments– there was also so much laughter and joy amongst all of us. 

Taika came on as a supporter before we went into production and his name just opened so many doors for us. I know that he just really cared to support another indigenous film.

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