Interview: Junta Yamaguchi on his one-take time travel film “Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes” | Awesome Friday!

Junta Yamaguchi

Matthew: The whole film feels like it must have been planned to the second; given that, how were you able to keep the actor’s performances feeling so spontaneous and unplanned?

Junta Yamaguchi: A big part would be that we are a group of theatre performers who always work together. Theatre actors usually do a two-hour theatre play, which is non-stop, and stick within the character they’re playing for two hours non-stop. In this case, it’s 70 minutes, and it’s something that was done as one take –in essence, sort of like a play. So it’s something that I think they’re all used to doing because they do that on a regular basis with each other, so that’s why the stress levels were not as high as they might have been with other people.

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