No Time To Die

If you have listened to the podcast any time in the last two years, you will certainly know that “No Time to Die” has been one of the most anxiously awaited films for our podcasting community. In the lead up to the original release, we had prepared and executed a series of Lookback episodes covering the entire franchise. We also had a couple of drafts and there were some MOTM episodes featuring 007 as well. The pandemic threw a wrench into the plans, like everyone knows, but the film is now out and we have thoughts. Some of you might be surprised at the way things turn out.

Although Bond is surrounded by women in this film, our community could only come up with a bunch of guys to talk about it. Richard is Joined bey James Wilson, Matthew Simpson and former Host of the Lambcast Jay Cluitt, for an  in-depth discussion of all things 007. Don’t fret if you haven’t seen the film yet, the first half of our show is spoiler free and when we get to the spoiler section, there are plenty of warnings.  


Be sure to check out the other guests on this episode: