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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

600 episodes is a milestone worth celebrating, but we really don’t do that this week. Instead, we let the film we are focusing on provide all the fireworks. A new MCU hero is being introduced and there is an origin story to accomplish that. The Universe expands with this entry by allowing an under utilized part of the world to be center stage for the 25th film in the official cannon.

Shang Chi has a coterie of characters to back him up during this adventure, and this week, Richard is similarly supported by a cast that more than carries the weight of the show. Matthew Simpson, Cameron Kanachki, Jeffery Lyles and Jeanette Ward are the real stars of the feature, and they have some great insights to share on this film. We get discussion of the MCU Universe, the cast of the film, representation, and appropriation.

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