The Best Films of 2024 So Far: Dune and Its Challengers | That Shelf


At the midway point of the year, all of the writers at That Shelf were invited to submit their top five films of 2024 so far, along with any honourable mentions and a favourite performance, and I was happy to submit mine!

Here’s my number one pick. Be sure to head to the page and see my -and everyone else’s- top five of 2024 so far!


A tour de force from Luca Guadagnino chronicling the lives of three professional tennis players, Challengers features love, lust, envy, and everything else that comes up when three people are deeply emotionally entwined with one another. Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor both give performances as brothers in arms turned rivals that would stand out in any year, but it’s Zendaya who captures every single frame in which she appears. It’s a career-best performance that I hope won’t be forgotten come awards season this year.