Hear ye, hear ye, all rise for the Honorable Lambcast. Enter and be judged. This week, the guests of the Lambcast are the Law. We decide if the 2012 version of Judge Dread is Dreadful, thus being sent to an iso cube for eternity, or if it is “Not Guilty” and can, therefore, continue to make action audiences everywhere happy.

Heather Baxendale-Walsh, longtime LAMB, Podcaster, and author, brings the dystopian future’s greatest law enforcement official to the show this week. She championed the film to victory in the Movie of the Month Poll, so she is the host for this week’s discussion.


The villain is loathsome, the underlings to be disposed of are numerous, and the Judge has a trainee under his tutelage who has psychic powers. Does it all work? You will have to tune in and listen if you want to know our take. Howard Casner and Matthew Simpson balance out the jury, and we have some follow-up on films we believe could have used a sequel.

Link: https://largeassmovieblogs.com/2024/01/lambcast-719-dredd-2012-january-motm.html

Check out the other guests on this episode: