Even if you don’t believe the Box Office report from opening weekend, that the movie made $666,666, you have to admit that’s a clever bit of business. The whole movie is loaded with those kinds of self referential moments, and the guests this week are anxious to join in dissecting them.

Sitting down in the guest chairs for this week’s episode are Lisa Leaheey, Nick Rehak and Jason Soto, all from the “Rabbit Hole Podcast Network”, as well as Matthew Simpson of the “Awesome Friday Podcast”. We don’t want to give too much away but everyone was enthusiastic to talk about this movie that Jason Championed to the winner’s circle on this month’s poll. Mr. Soto hosts the first part of the show.

This entry into the found footage horror genre is cleverly disguised as an episode of a late night TV talk show, a rival to Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”. There is mounting dread as Host Jack Delroy, tries to juice up his flagging show with a set of supernatural guests When the psychics and the skeptics come together, all hell breaks loose. 

Our guests delve into A.I. controversies, an argument about CGI vs. practical effects, and a good discussion of whether found footage movies can remain faithful to their premises. Our exit question of the week reveals some great stories about the guests and their histories with horror movies. As a bonus, you get an outtake section of collectible home video formats.