The Planet of the Apes Reboot Trilogy | The LAMBCast

Planet of the Apes

Nine Movies seemed a little overwhelming for a single episode, so Matthew Simpson, of the “Awesome Friday Podcast” suggested that the three reboot films be the subject of our April MOTM Franchise show. The choice came after a tight race between three franchises, separated by a single vote each. Matthew hosts Nicole Ayers from MadLabPost and runner up Sean Homrig, from the Cabot Cove ConFab, in a discussion of the three modern Planet of the Apes films, soon to be joined by a fourth next week. 

We share our personal journey into the world of the Apes, and explore the connection between these films and the 60s/70s franchise. There is also a brief discussion of the way in which these films mirror some of the political and world turmoil we are experiencing in present days. 

The motion capture performances of Andy Serkis, Toby Kebbell and Karin Konoval come in for some special attention and there is a period of appreciation for the visual effects as well. The talk focuses mostly however on Caesar’s journey and the question of what makes humanity in a world run by simians.


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