Oscars Special: The 2024 Academy Awards Predictions & Preferences | Awesome Friday Podcast

The 2024 Academy Awards Predictions & Preferences

Greetings programs! It’s that time of year, the Oscar Nominees have been announced! This week, we’re breaking down our preferences and predictions for (almost) every category of the 96th Academy Awards. Some of our choices line up, and some of them don’t, so take a listen to see if you agree with Matthew, Simon or both.  

Link: https://awesomefriday.ca/2024/01/podcast-oscars-special-the-2024-academy-awards-predictions-preferences/

Staying on theme with the Academy Awards, we look back at the best picture winners of our lifetimes and try to choose a favourite, and then try to pick out the year that makes us each say, “Wait, that film won best picture? Really?”

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