Doctor Who Review: Ncuti Gatwa Is Off to a Very Fun, Very Silly Start | That Shelf

Doctor Who

It feels like this series could have been an immediate follow-up to Davies’s prior run on the series. The tone and style feel in line with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant’s runs on the series, with a mad alien and a bright-eyed human travelling space and time in a blue box and fixing problems that they happen to stumble across. There are serialized elements, but it also feels a little more episodic than Doctor Who has in recent years, at least so far, which is a welcome change.

Of course, the new variables here are Gatwa and Gibson, both of whom seem very up to the task. Gibson has a fun, young energy, and it’s lovely to follow a wide-eyed innocent again as she follows this ancient madman on his adventures. However, it’s Gatwa’s show, really, and he owns every second of it. He has an infectious energy about him and really dives headfirst into the doctor’s curiosity, always wanting to see, meet, and investigate whatever they come across. If his charisma could be bottled and sold, he’d be a rich man.