Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Review: The Iconic Franchise Comes to Canada | That Shelf

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent

[T]his reliance on archetypes and such a well-established formula is both the show’s biggest weakness and its greatest strength. It’s either “another Law & Order…” or “Another Law & Order!”

That might seem like a fairly narrow distinction, but it’s true. Once again, this is a franchise with enough episodes under its belt that if you watched one a day, it would take you three and a half years to watch them all, and that’s before you consider counting international remakes. It has its own tropes, and the pilot episode hits almost all of them, up to and including ending on perhaps the most cliched line of dialogue of the year so far. In the case of almost any other series, this would be a bad thing, but in this case, it’s just Law & Order. The tropes make it a beloved institution, and this entry into the franchise fits comfortably into it.