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The Marvels

The loudest, most vocal section of fans decrying that “the MCU is in shambles” is interesting because their analysis depth is inconsistent and shallow. In the former sense, they’ll watch something like Black Widow, Ms Marvel, or She-Hulk and loudly exclaim that the MCU is doomed while simultaneously looking at projects like Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 3 and Loki and preach quality. In the latter sense, most of the stuff they don’t like has women and people of colour in the lead (as opposed to mostly white men), is bright, colourful, and fun (instead of dark and self serious), and doesn’t tread the ongoing franchise continuity as sacrosanct. This betrays their true intention: it’s a grift for clicks, views, and ad money.

The Marvels is a film that will be part of this grift. There are women in the lead, and it’s bright, colourful and fun; it doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t afraid to gloss over parts of the back story that don’t matter. It’s a great time at the movies.