The Classics Shelf: Anjelica Huston | That Shelf

The Man from Elysian Fields

The Classics Shelf is an ongoing retrospective of classic cinema produced monthly by writer Bil Antoniou in collaboration with other writers in the That Shelf stable.  The theme for June 2024 was the films of Anjelica Huston, which I contributed to with a brief review of her performance in the film The Man from Elysian Fields.

 There’s only so much that can be done in two scenes in a film, but Huston nails everything about this moment. With only the slightest changes in her face, she ran the gamut from terrified to incredulous before bursting into laughter. Not a cruel laughter, mind you, but one of genuine amusement and obliviousness that he is serious. It’s a good scene in an otherwise fine movie and serves as a reminder both that there are no small parts and that sometimes a well-cast supporting role can add real impact to a film overall.


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