Tribeca 2024: ‘Beacon’ Review: A Novel Setting, but A Disappointing Misfire | Movies We Texted About

Beacon / Tribeca 2024

[…] The first half of the film does a good job of setting up the two lone characters in opposition.Emily is suspicious of Ismael, the lone and lonely man living in this remote place, and Ismael is wary of Emily because of a steadfast belief in the supernatural, going so far as to warn her not to brush her hair for fear of summoning a siren.  This back-and-forth of mutual distrust works really well, and in this half of the film, we go back and forth a number of times, presenting how Ismael could be trustworthy or really not.  Both actors put in their best work in this half of the movie as well, playing into the tension inherent to the situation.

The second half, however, is unfortunately not as strong.