Tribeca 2024: Presumed Innocent Updates the 90s Classic With Mixed Results | That Shelf

Presumed Innocent

Where the series falters is in its updates to the story. For fans of the original, some characters are removed or re-positioned. Case in point: there’s no Sandy Sterns in this version (though maybe it’s a good idea not to try to top Raúl Juliá). There are also several red herrings that go nowhere, and while none of these are exactly bad on their own, altogether they make the story feel flabby. This doesn’t even include some of the later changes, one of which is actually a little mind-boggling.  

If you’ve seen or even heard of the novel or the original film, then you know the story has a twist ending. This version certainly builds to something as well, but I couldn’t tell you what it was even if I wanted to (Apple only supplied seven of the eight episodes for review). This makes it difficult to form a conclusion about the series because mysteries like this one are made or broken by their ending. Without knowing what the ending is, it’s hard to know if the series is going to satisfy or not. The preceding seven episodes are good, but they don’t offer much more than other courtroom dramas do.