Tribeca 2024: The Weekend Is a Thrilling Film About the Horrors of Family Dinner | That Shelf

The Weekend / Tribeca 2024

You don’t choose your family. Some of us are blessed with loving homes, and others come from complicated situations. The Weekend, a fun new thriller from Nigeria, features one hell of a complicated situation.  

Nikya (Uzoamaka Aniunoh) is an orphan, but she’s begun the journey of starting a new family with her fiance, Luc (Bucci Franklin).  She is desperate for a family and, after finding out that she is pregnant, pushes Luc to go away for the weekend to visit his family.  The problem is that Luc is estranged from said family and hasn’t had any contact with them for many years.  It’s clear that he is uncomfortable with the very idea of going home, but ultimately he relents and they agree to go for just the weekend, for a party his parents are throwing.   It is to be a family dinner that no one will soon forget.